Visualizing Toronto Parking Fines

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Data for this visualization comprises approx 21.2 million parking infractions issued over the last 8 years in the City of Toronto. Of that we focus on just the Toronto and East York Community Council Area, which represents 68% of the total infractions issued.

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How does it work?

The app gives you an interface for analyzing the parking ticket data. Use it to answer specific questions about parking infractions, or look at broad trends. It's flexible.

What types of infractions are included?

Everything! From failing to display, parking on private property, all the way to parking more than 30cm from the curb (yes, that's a thing).

Why does it sometimes load/feel slow?

This is actually a static site! So depending whether you're on desktop or on mobile you might notice it's feels slightly faster/slower, since all of the computation is happening on the client side in your device.

What's the difference between the mobile and desktop versions?

The desktop version is more feature rich, and the expected performance better. You can't, for example, tap on a street to select it in the mobile version, since this makes zooming difficult. On desktop you can filter over the entire dataset to view how the heatmap changes e.g. by hour or day of week -- on mobile you can only filter information for a given street. As well on desktop, hover events also make it easier to locate specific streets.

Toronto Downtown & East York

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